countryside memorials



Brite-lite terrazzo kerbs and ledger with an Ivy Leaf headstone. Concrete footpath.


Brite-lite terrazzo kerbs, slips and blocks with a marble book headstone and floor with white stones. Name Play to foot kerb. Concrete footpath.


Grey concrete kerbs, concrete floor with white stone. Marble panel on concrete stand for headstone. Concrete footpath.


 Grey Terrazzon kerbs, ledge and Nola headstone with marble panel. Concrete footpath.


Grey concrete kerbs, grey terrazzo ledger. Desk scroll headstone with marble panel.


Grey concrete kerbs. Grey terrazzo slips and blocks, name splay at foot with marble panel. Grey terrazzo book wtih marble panel and crucifix. Conctrete floor and white stone.


Rustic side, polished top, black granite kerbs. All polished black granite ledger. Name splay to foot kerb with bronze plaque. All polished black granite headstone with bronze plaque. Two inset vased to ledger. Concrete footpath.


All polished grey granite kerbs wtih name splay at foot. All polished ruby red ledger with ceramic rose posy. Ruby Red sloping desk headstone and two stepped arble vases featuring ceramic inserts. Polished top 12" grey granite footpath.


Grey terrazzo kerbs with name splay at foot. Salmon granite ledger, 3" marble base. Marble book and stand Two 10" round marble vases. Concrete footpath.


Rustic side, polished top Salmon granite kerbs with name splay to foot. All polished Salmon granite ledger. 10” round marble vase. 3” all polished Salmon granite base. 3” return all polished Salmon granite headstone with rustic top. 12” marble cross to headstone (optional). Concrete footpath.


Rustic side polished top Grey granite kerbs with name splay at foot. All polished Grey granite ledger. Marble headstone with 3” marble base. 3” marble vase blocks with white inserts. Concrete footpath.


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Rustic side, polished top salmon granite kerbs. All polished, Ruby Red granite ledger. 3” marble base, 2’ marble return headstone with corner shelf and vase. 10” round marble vase. Ceramic colour photo.


Rustic side, sawn top Grey granite kerbs. Concrete floor with brown stone. Natural moss rock with bronze plaque as headstone. Concrete footpath.


All polished blue pearl kerb. All polished blue pearl ledger. All polished blue pearl base & headstone. Two inset vases. Marble panel to headstone. Ceramic photo.


Rustic side, polished top, Opal Blue granite kerbs. Name splay to foot with marble panel. All polished Opal Blue granite ledger. All polished Opal Blue double return headstone with bow top and marble panel. All polished 3” Opal Blue granite base. 10” round marble vase to headstone base. Concrete footpath.


All polished Brown granite custom designed “Wagon Wheel” headstone. All polished 6” Brown granite base. 380 x 280 bronze plaque featuring Piper motif. Colour 11 x 15 ceramic photo and frame. Surname engraved to base.


All polished Grey granite kerbs with name splay to foot kerb. All polished Black ledger. All polished sloping headstone. Gold leaf inscription. Concrete footpath.


Rustic side, polished top River Blue Granite kerbs. All polished River Blue Granite ledger. All polished River Blue Nola headstone with black inset vases. Bronze panel, flat motif and Ceramic photo and frame to vase blocks.


All polished Eucalyptus Green granite kerbs. All polished Eucalyptus Green granite sloping headstone. All polished Eucalyptus Green granite base with inset vases. Concrete floor and white stone.

countryside memorials

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